offering custom designed, hand-stamped sterling silver jewelry

Ever since I was a little girl gluing yarn onto cards for my grandparents, I have enjoyed making things for others.  My mom & dad instilled in me a love of crafting and creating. Growing up, I was surrounded with quilts & handmade furniture and decoupage & cupcakes at school for birthdays and St. Patrick's Day.  So I, in turn, did that for my girls with hand-made cards and gifts for birthdays and the holidays.  Then several years ago, I was introduced to hand-stamped jewelry.  I fell in love!  I researched, experimented, and hammered like a mad elf.  Once I had exhausted all birthday and holiday gifts after that first year, I decided to continue on and started penny & a wish.  I love how each piece with its message, charms & crystals tells its own personal story.  I love that some stories are obvious and others carry their own secret message that only the wearer knows & carries with them.  I love the charm-iness of it all!  xo-Paige